Single remote controlled electronic switch with relay:

Built at: Aug.19.2001
Last update: Dezember 06, 2004
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Some cameras have the possibility to be triggered by an elektric switch. Some camaras can be supplyed with an electric trigger by yourself. The switch must be switched parallel to the trigger inside of the camera.
A remoted controlled relay can trigger the camera now.

The advantage for KAP is that you mustn´t use any servo and mechanic. Sometimes the electronic circuit is smaller and lighter in weight as a servo. Allways the camera triggering is easyer if it has an electric trigger.


The circuit bord of the electronic switch01 is
only sized 25 x 38 mm.



If you move the stick, or turn the button at your transmitter, the relay of the elektronic switch turnes on or off. With the relay-switch (COM and NO) you can trigger the camera now. The triggerposition, that point of the stick on witch the relay has to switch, can be adjusted by the trimmer R2.

Whith the jumper X4 you can choose the movementdirektion. A LED shows that the relay is switched on. I use special bright LED´s for outdoor use.

At the contacts of the relay (COM und NO) you have to solder two wires to the triggerswitch of the camera.

The circuit bord of the electronic switch01 is only sized 25 x 38 mm and has to mountig drills at the edges.

See also: The making of electronic circuit bords

R1 Resistor 1 k Ohm
R2 Trimming resistor 50k Ohm
R3 Resistor 4,7 k Ohm
R4 Resistor 390 Ohm
C1 Keramik - Capacitor 470 nF
C2 Keramik - Capacitor 100 nF
C3 Tantal - Capacitor 10 uF / 16 V
V1 Diode 1N4148
V2 Transistor BC 107
V3 LED red 3 mm, bright
IC 1 IC CD 4001
X4 Jumper 3polig
K1 Relais MZ-5HG
Nr. 9247B2
5 V / 1 A
  PCB 010817
  Servo wire  

Layout   Mountingplan   The plan of the switch01

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