Holiday in autumn 2003 on the German island Rügen
Part # 4: Beach at the Schabe bei Glowe

Built at: Oct.02.2003
Last update: Dezember 06, 2004
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In autumn 2003 we spend some days on the German island Rügen. For Kite Aerial Photography I used my Canon A70 with the KAP-Rig # 5 and my Flow-Form kites. On that island there are a lot of KAP - motives so that I still will make some photos there.

Part # 1: Lighthouse on the port mole at Sassnitz on the German island Rügen
Part # 2: Kap Arkona at Putgarten with both Lighthouses
Part # 3: Port and oar ferry at Moritzdorf
Part # 4: Beach at the Schabe bei Glowe
Part # 5: Yacht port Lauterbach

Date and time: 09.22.2003, 00:10 pm
Site:   Germany, Rügen island, Glowe, beach at the Schabe
Kite: Flow-Form # 1
Kiteline: Poliester, 2mm
Wind: Below at the beach nothing, over he trees up to 7 m/s, south - west
Camera: Canon A70, 2048 x 1536, normal
Number: 92 pictures,  28,2 MB

At the big beaches on the island Rügen always pines are between the dunes and the street. If  the wind comes from country side then, it is beautifully in a sheltered place that way below on the beach. But it is unfortunately badly to start a kite in that wind conditions. So I had my difficulties here, since no wind was absolutely behind the pines on the beach, although a strong breeze blew at the other side. After several being missing attempts to start the kite from hand, my wife then has held the kite and I have run like a little boy over the beach to pull the kite into the height. 
But when the kite then came over the trees and into the wind, it then has pulled at a wind speed of approx. 7 m/s like a horse.

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