The "Colani Ei" (Colani Egg)
Coal mine shaft of the former coal mine "Minister Achenbach" 
in Lünen Brambauer

Built at: May.20.2005
Last update: Juni 05, 2005
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There has been the hard coal-mining "Minister Achenbach" for more than 7 decades on the check in Lünen Brambauer.
Since in 1990 the mining-company leaves the area, it has much changed there. The LÜNTEC GmbH as management company has sat down for a technology center in some of the former check buildings.
As an over a long distance visible symbol for the structural change the designer Luigi Colani has build an approx. 300 m² tall office, made of synthetic material, and put it on top of the pithead of shaft IV in 37 m height in form like an UFO. So this is called the "Collani Ei".

Data to the aerial pictures:
Date and time: 12.05.2005, 15:50 to 17:15
Site: Germany, Lünen Brambauer, former coal mine "Minister Achenbach", old winding tower with "Colani Egg"
Wind: approx. 5 m/s
Kite and kiteline: 3m Delta, Polyesterline, 2 mm diameter / Flow Form # 2, Polyesterline, 3 mm diameter 
Camera: Canon A70, 3 Mega-Pixel, 2048 x 1536, fine, Programmautomatic
Equipment: KAP Rig # 5, Picavet # 2, Nikon Fisheye
Number of pictures: Fisheye: 99 pictures, 56,5 MB
Normal: 200 pictures, 148,9 MB
Total: 299 pictures, 205,4 MB on a 1 GB Compact Flash Card

Picture with my NIKON Fisheye

360 degree bubble pano.

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With my new Nikon Fisheye I have done some aerial pictures too. From such a 180 degree picture one can make a so called bubble pano. It looks like the viewer is in the middle of a bubble and can view in all directions.

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